It is critical to develop your business and clearly define the business strategy for your organisation so that board members, the management team and staff completely understand and contribute to the business plan that results. It requires considerable work to produce however it is a pre-requisite to your business success. Having a clear view of milestones, timescales and ownership ensures that your business goals are achieved with the minimum of obstacles. Engaging Hallburn is a catalyst to ensure that your business assigns the time and resources to successfully produce your Business Strategy.

Business Development

Habits are hard to break, however they are just as hard to make! If you assign a few hours a month with Hallburn to work on business development activities there is no doubt that you will see what a difference it can make to your business. Creating that positive habit for your business and engaging with Hallburn who have experience in business start-ups, business growth and business re-engineering in a number of markets over 30 years, can help your business grow while adjusting to constant change, just contact Hallburn 

Business strategy

The object of a Business Strategy is to gain a sustainable competitive advantage in the marketplace. It is a translation of the Company’s vision, mission and values so that it can satisfy its own needs and that of its stakeholders.
A comprehensive business strategy is fundamental to every business and it can make the difference between success and failure. It must cover information on who the main competitors are, their strengths and weaknesses and what its key differentials are from competitors. As a result of this it is sometimes referred to as a competitive strategy.
Strategic thinking helps to make your business run; everything that your business does involves strategic assumptions and actions. With this in mind a strategy is just one component of the comprehensive strategic direction that directors must define for their organisations.
Technology is a powerful tool in assisting business and in creating value. It does however require close management to ensure that the system specified meets and exceeds expectations, is to budget and to the timescales previously agreed. Leaders must debate the Business Strategy to ensure that all the market and brand opportunities, core competencies and unique selling points are fully utilised in all marketing activities.
In summary Business Strategy encompasses how the firm competes and how it aims to succeed within a particular industry so don't hesitate to contact Hallburn 


Business planning

So what happens once your strategy is defined and in place? The next step is to ensure that it comes to fruition and to do that you need to put your Business Plan in place. With today’s fast moving markets this is often an area that is only looked at with a cursory glance, yet you ignore it at your peril. If you need a Business Plan, but find that you don’t have the time or skills to produce one, then engage Hallburn to understand and analyse your business needs before producing a Business Plan that reflects your strategy. This will help you understand your business in ways that may not have been considered before, as well as giving you a document that can be used to engage with stakeholders. Measuring your progress against an agreed Business Plan gives you a powerful tool by which to run your business so contact Hallburn  for advice.


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